Correctional Medical Associates

The Solution For Quality Correctional Health Care!

providing quality, cost-efficient health care services.

Our History

Correctional Medical Associates has provided high-quality, cost-effective health care services and consultations to the corrections industry for greater than 30 years.

Co-founded in 1987 by the late Lloyd T. Baccus, M.D., and his wife, Sandra, the  company's breadth of experience includes providing physical and mental health care services to Jails and Detention Centers (Adult and Juvenile) and Drug Courts in the southern United States. The company has also provided health care facility and accreditation training and expert consultation on correctional health delivery systems, clinical standards, risk management and consent decrees in more than 20 states.

What We Do

Incarcerated individuals are much more likely to suffer from mental illness and addiction, and are at higher risk for infectious disease and complications from chronic disease. For those reasons, Correctional Medical Associates provides specialized service-delivery management focused on mental health and substance abuse treatment, infection control and chronic disease management.

Correctional Medical Associates uses a holistic approach to service delivery through consultation and collaboration with our clients, delivering  the most efficient and effective service possible. We adhere to the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC) Standards for Health Services.

What Makes Us Different

Our commitment to quality care leads to innovative approaches that better serve our customers. From providing consultation on dietary needs that lead to better health and lower costs, to developing an intake process that far exceeds national standards, you will find CMA to be far superior to other correctional healthcare providers.

The cornerstone to CMA's' approach is complete medical, mental and dental evaluation for each inmate, immediately after intake. Many correctional facility health care providers take up to the regulatory limit of 14 days to complete such screenings. This approach results in lower risk, lower cost, and a healthier population.