Correctional Medical Associates, Inc.

Ensure a healthy population and save money
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Client Testimonials

George Herron
Director of Health Services
Fulton County Jail

"CMA has been a mainstay at our jail for more than 20 years now, undergoing the County's rigorous bid process every three years and competing against large, small, national and local medical vendors. This industry is cost-driven, and for the same company to be here so long says a lot about how they have maintained low costs while providing high quality service in a litigiously-conscious manner.

In addition to providing excellent medical care, CMA was proactive in advising us on how to raise the dietary standard for all of our inmates in an effort to prevent and manage chronic care diseases, (i.e., diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol). As a result of this advice, the food services staff is now providing heart-healthy diets to every inmate, (unless otherwise medically indicated) and this change has resulted in better control and possible prevention of these chronic diseases.

We have had a lot of positive outcomes in the health of these inmates and that translates into a positive impact on Fulton County as a whole. It's absolutely a collaborative relationship that we have with CMA."




Brenda Ernest
Mental Health Coordinator
Drug and Mental Health Division
Fulton County Superior Court

Public Safety Comes First
"CMA's health program is critical to our efforts of identifying inmates with substance abuse problems and making certain they get the treatment they need so they can be mainstreamed back into the community. Quality care is essential to ensure inmates become viable and productive citizens once they are released and helps reduce recidivism."

Taking a Holistic Approach
"The sooner substance and mental health problems are diagnosed, the easier it is to schedule treatment and prepare rehabilitation. CMA's continuity of care approach looks at all facets of inmate health including physical and mental to produce long-term results that are beneficial to the individual and to the community."

Saving Taxpayer Resources
"Given all the services CMA provides, the value is significant. They're a great partner in program management, but also recognize the importance of managing cost and budgets. Their methods have proven to be effective and have saved Fulton County dedicated staff hours and resources since our partnership began in 1997."