Correctional Medical Associates, Inc.

Ensure a healthy population and save money
with our proven systems and processes.

Why CMA?

Because we provide quality inmate health care, high efficiency and maximum cost effectiveness for all clients. CMA's mission in each facility we serve is to:

  • Ensure that all inmates receive immediate medical screening, mental health assessment and dental examination and appropriate treatment as indicated
  • Work with correctional authorities to manage inmate movement, reducing the spread and risk of communicable disease
  • Utilize appropriate risk-management standards to minimize the health care-related liability of the facility operator
  • Be responsible stewards of public dollars to ensure services are cost-effective
  • Provide compassionate physical and mental health care

Leading Through Innovation

CMA provides what is in essence 24-hour urgent care at each facility we serve. It is not unlike an onsite emergency room, maintained at a fraction of the cost.

We do all but the most complex medical procedures onsite, saving your facility from escalating hospital, security and transportation costs. Medical tests done for large numbers of inmates are highly cost effective, and are completed in a timely manner, protecting your bottom line while ensuring the inmates constitutional right to medical care is met.

We also maintain around the clock staffing. Our streamlined operations allow for quick and effective decision-making designed to protect our patients and our clients.

Our facility-specific planning is designed to minimize demands on the institution's staffing and processes. We become a seamless part of the operation, providing a holistic approach to correctional health care that is second to none.

Our performance speaks for itself, but read what our clients and community partners have to say.