Correctional Medical Associates, Inc.

Ensure a healthy population and save money
with our proven systems and processes.

What makes us different?

Our commitment to quality care leads to innovative approaches that better serve our customers. From providing consultation on dietary needs that lead to better health and lower costs, to developing an intake process that far exceeds national standards, you will find CMA to be far superior to other correctional healthcare providers...

The cornerstone to Correctional Medical Associates' approach is complete medical, mental and dental evaluation for each inmate, immediately after intake. Many correctional facility health care providers take up to the regulatory limit of 14 days to complete such screenings. This approach results in lower risk, lower cost, and a healthier population.

Our approach provides:

  • Liability protection
    • Inmates' constitutional right to healthcare is assured
    • Early detection of disease facilitates better health and wellness
    • Inmates' medical needs immediately identified
    • Protects the public health by the prevention and control of diseases

  • Cost-effectiveness
    • No escalation of existing conditions
    • Eliminates forced discontinuation of medications
    • Proper treatment regimens immediately addressed

  • Grievance reduction
    • Health-related complaints virtually disappear