Correctional Medical Associates, Inc.

A legacy of commitment to excellence in managing health-related risks.
A vision of compassionate, superior inmate care and health management.

Thank you for visiting our Web site to learn about Correctional Medical Associates. As president and chief executive officer of CMA, I am responsible for managing the overall direction of the company and ensuring our business partners receive the highest quality service at an affordable cost. I would like to take a moment to tell you more about what makes CMA unique and successful.

CMA is built on the considerable legacy of co-founders Sandra and Lloyd T. Baccus, M.D., who are both deceased, but whose tremendous commitment to providing effective and efficient services to correctional authorities provided the foundation for our mission and vision. Prior to founding CMA in 1987, Dr. Baccus had 17 years of experience in the correctional industry and his ongoing education, consulting and knowledge of the field helped to shape our company. Sandra and Lloyd worked together at CMA for over 20 years, leveraging their experience and insight to create a company which understands the complexities and constraints associated with delivering health care to incarcerated populations.

We are committed to developing and instituting policies and practices that meet the highest of standards and effectively manage the health-related risks of entities that are responsible for inmates. As part of our mission, we ensure that all inmates receive a timely health screening, mental health assessment, and appropriate treatment. CMA strives to attract, hire, and retain the most qualified professionals in the industry, who understand the unique challenges of the incarcerated and the environment in which they live.

Our vision is to be the country's best provider of health care for the incarcerated population. That vision recognizes that we must continue to focus on mental health assessments and our chronic disease management program, which has received national recognition and serves as a model for correctional institutions across America. We will also continue to develop innovative practices to demonstrate our commitment to quality beyond industry standards. Our solutions lie in smart management of limited public dollars committed to this demand.

It is our hope that you will join us to grow our vision for compassionate, superior inmate care and health management. It is a challenging time in our industry, and all of us at CMA feel confident that the vision, philosophy, and practices that led to the founding of this company more than 30 years ago remain as relevant and effective today and will continue to guide us into the future.

Felicia Herring
Correctional Medical Associates, Inc.